Shady Grove Breast Center case study - breast center brings new attention to women's health

Marketing & Brand Development for Women's Breast Center

Meet the Client

As an extension of Shady Grove Radiology in Montgomery County, Maryland, Shady Grove Breast Center offers patients a world-class, comprehensive approach to breast care. The center focuses on early breast cancer detection through screening that is customized to each woman's risk and breast density.

Shady Grove Breast Center provides the most innovative technology to detect and diagnose breast cancer, including digital mammograms, breast MRI, breast ultrasound and non-surgical biopsies.

The breast center is one of a select few across the country that significantly shortens the time from testing to diagnosis, in most cases delivering exam results the same day.

Shady Grove Breast Center makes the full range of clinical and support services easily accessible through its comprehensive facility on the Shady Grove Medical Center campus in Rockville, as well as four other locations in Montgomery County.

Their Objectives

Shady Grove Breast Center needed a branding and marketing firm to create a logo, develop an authentic brand, and build awareness around the grand opening.

The breast center also desired to educate patients and referring physicians about the importance of customized screening in the quest for early cancer detection.

By explaining the roles individual breast cancer risk and breast density play in diagnosing cancer, the center could better position its solutions as the right choice for catching – and successfully treating – malignant tumors.

The Partnership

Shady Grove Breast Center partnered with Alliance HealthCare Services to help launch its clinic operationally. Alliance, a client of The Satterfield Agency, offered our marketing and branding services to Shady Grove.

We worked closely with Shady Grove's chief operating officer, breast radiologist, physicians liaison, nurse navigator and outside consultant to develop overall messaging and design look-and-feel for the campaign. We served as their primary marketing agency for all communications and collateral.

Our Strategies

We first developed a logo for the breast center inspired by the Shady Grove Radiology brand. This logo uses muted colors of the parent logo's original bold tones. We carefully selected two fonts – one script and one serif – to convey femininity and sophistication.

A sheer overlay of the logo's tree and leaves serves as a secondary design element for most collateral. Stock photography of pleasant, joyful middle-aged women instantly relates to the target audience.

We interwove key messages about breast cancer risk, breast density, early detection and unparalleled technology throughout every piece of collateral. While still communicating the unique benefits of the breast center, we educated women and physicians on the importance of catching cancer early – and why Shady Grove's approach is most effective to reach that goal.

Our Solutions

The Satterfield Agency designed a soft, feminine and sophisticated logo for Shady Grove Breast Center. We integrated the same look-and-feel into all branding collateral, including letterhead, business cards, note cards and the office suite sign.

We created two customized brochure packets – one for referring physicians, and one for patients. Each brochure has an inside pocket holding three stair-stepped inserts, which address topics unique to physicians or patients.

The Satterfield Agency introduced the breast center radiologists to the referring community through a brochure filled with physician bios. We produced a promotional flier for marketing reps to distribute to physicians after the breast center saw its first patient.

We topped off the campaign with a direct mailing and an open house invitation, handed out in-person to each physician.

To promote Shady Grove Breast Center's breakthrough cancer screening, The Satterfield Agency created a series of ads to be placed on shopping carts and in local lifestyle magazines. We supplemented the ads with large posters in referring physicians' offices. Each piece featured the central question on which the breast center's screening program was built: "Do you need more than a mammogram?"

We later produced a brochure for patients that explains how the center's advanced screening enables the earliest possible detection of breast cancer. We supported the brochure with several rack cards, each highlighting a different aspect of the screening program.

The Results

The grand opening of Shady Grove Breast Center garnered significant attention from the referring physician community, as well as current patients curious about the new services.

Events held in conjunction with the opening were deemed a great success – with high attendance and follow-up engagement – partially due to the foundational branding and marketing efforts already underway. Education initiatives surrounding breast cancer risk and breast density resulted in noticeable increases in patient volume.

Today, Shady Grove Breast Center continues its market share growth, constantly expanding its menu of services, marketing initiatives, patient base and revenue.

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The Satterfield Agency has been the best marketing and branding firm I have ever worked with. After working with Jessica Satterfield-Reyna, I would never look anywhere else.

Ellen Maltz, Ellen Maltz Consulting (a Shady Grove partner)