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Client Testimonials

We realize that hiring a consultant can be nerve-wracking. Are their claims too good to be true? What if their work actually stinks? Unanswered questions like those can eat away at your sanity.

That's why, at The Satterfield Agency, you don't have to ask for recommendations. Instead, we post them right here — one big group of real, straight-shooting opinions that make us blush a little.

We hope these comments help you breathe easier. And, of course, we wouldn't mind if you contact us after reading them. Who knows? You might see your name on this page someday.

If you're not ready for that next step, though, let us share the story of our company and our principal consultant, Jessica Satterfield-Reyna. You can also take a peek at more testimonials on Jessica's LinkedIn profile.

Industry: healthcare

The Satterfield Agency has been the best marketing and branding firm I have ever worked with. Jessica Satterfield-Reyna listened carefully to our needs and came up with the perfect tools to accomplish our goals.

Her work is eye-catching and innovative, and she targeted our market with bulls-eye precision. No matter what we threw her way, she made it happen in a timely fashion with great attention to detail. After working with Jessica, I would never look anywhere else.

Ellen Maltz, Ellen Maltz Consulting (a Shady Grove partner)

Jessica Satterfield-Reyna is the director of a goal-oriented marketing agency that produces results in a very cost-effective manner. Jessica has an intuitive sense of what our customers need to hear about our services. The message is always clear, concise and correct. More importantly, our customers hear the message, because it stands out from the background noise.

Jessica works tirelessly and is always available to her clients. Her work is superlative. I remember when I thought that marketing in my industry was not very useful. Then I met Jessica Satterfield-Reyna.

Ian Grady, MD, FACS, North Valley Breast Clinic

I have been totally impressed with Jessica Satterfield-Reyna's responsiveness and attention to detail on every project we share. I know that when she is handling a project or issue for me, she will get it done and exceed my expectations every time.

Working with Jessica is easy and stress-free. She anticipates your needs and provides great suggestions for improving the whole outcome. She does an excellent job, and I would highly recommend her services to anyone.

Milissa Coco, Alliance Imaging

I've had the pleasure of working with Jessica Satterfield-Reyna on many very technical, award-winning healthcare websites. Her knowledge is vast, yet she is able to write for a patient with ease. Her ability to work with various personalities and exceed the expectations of each is to be admired.

I enjoy working with detail-oriented, deadline-driven professionals like Jessica and would highly recommend finding an opportunity to work with her.

Rene Murphy, Concussion

I had the great pleasure of working with Jessica Satterfield-Reyna on a rather extensive marketing campaign. Her manner of handling all of our marketing pieces and deadlines — as well as the various personalities involved — was flawless.

She has a wonderful way of steering people, while at the same time having them believe it was their idea. She is an excellent communicator and delivered superb results on time. I would endorse The Satterfield Agency for any public relations or advertising project.

Renee Kavon, Diagnostic Radiology & Oncology Services (a North Valley partner)

The Satterfield Agency's attention to detail and their creative approach are the strengths that first come to mind.

Jessica Satterfield-Reyna understands what it takes to develop a thorough PR campaign, and she remains focused on matching campaign tactics with outlined objectives. I love her roll-up-your-sleeves, let's-get-it-done attitude. I also appreciate her professional perspective and enjoy her passion for making clients shine.

I'm confident in Jessica's recommendations and feedback in the planning process, because she conducts appropriate research, persists in getting accurate answers, and shows a genuine interest in the success of our campaigns. We've retained Jessica for several medical-related projects and are delighted with her contributions.

Suzie Robinson, Atria Public Relations

We have worked closely with Jessica Satterfield-Reyna in designing and managing our web presence. Much of her time has been spent putting our needs into action and providing our group with a website and presence that is very much right where we need it to be.

Her experience with the healthcare industry helped provide us with a crisp, clean website that was both detailed and informative without losing the viewer's attention. I would highly recommend Jessica and her agency. She has been very proactive and responsive to all our needs and requests.

Miska Hadik, Merrimack Valley Health Services (an Alliance subsidiary)

I have worked with Jessica Satterfield-Reyna on several projects relating to graphic design, writing and editing for media kits, fact sheets, website design and exhibit displays.

Jessica has extensive knowledge and skill in her field, and it is always a pleasure to work with her. She has been efficient, timely, and thorough with all of the projects we assigned to her.

I would highly recommend Jessica for any project related to public relations/advertising, graphic design, copywriting/editing, marketing, employee communications and the like.

Terri Palmer, Alliance Imaging

I have been fortunate to work with Jessica Satterfield-Reyna many times over the past several years, and each experience has been terrific. From the start of the project to the end, Jessica always demonstrates the expertise required to complete projects on time and with a tremendous amount of creativity.

I have a great deal of trust that Jessica will bring solutions for all of our needs. I highly recommend her for any project — large or small.

Tim Joseph, Alliance Imaging

I had the pleasure of working with Jessica Satterfield-Reyna on several marketing campaigns for Alliance Imaging and Alliance Oncology. My role was to edit, on a legal basis, the marketing collateral that she developed.

Her work product was sophisticated, with a clear and persuasive message, and an eye-catching layout. I was especially impressed with the significant marketing collateral that Jessica developed for Alliance's women's breast health marketing campaign.

Jessica is very easy to work with and very responsive. For all of these reasons, I consulted with Jessica in connection with marketing for my new law practice. I highly recommend Jessica to any organization looking for marketing services.

Robert Polisky, Law Offices of Robert A. Polisky (an Alliance partner)

I worked with Jessica Satterfield-Reyna when we were developing website content for one of our customers.

She was extremely thorough, professional and courteous throughout the process. She took the time necessary to really ensure all of our desired content was included. I would highly recommend her in the future and look forward to working with her down the road.

Charles Murray, Alliance Imaging

I would highly recommend Jessica Satterfield-Reyna and the services of her firm. We have partnered together on many projects, and I find her work to be exceptional.

Sandra Berry, Alliance Imaging